Exactly what you need from a website, with a price tag that won't break the bank. 

A Go Auction website provides you with all the features you need, and a user experience your customers will love. Here's a brief overview of the features you'll get with a Go Auction website:

  • Unqiue design and styling - no templates are used in the design of your website, meaning we'll achieve the unique look and feel you want
  • Easy content management - create pages, blogs and slideshows in a matter of minutes
  • Commission bidding and live-bidding integration
  • Showcase your expertise - using our unique lot highlights and sold lot archive, you can showcase your track-record and expertise to prospective vendors
  • Integration with Navision back-office or Go Auction back-office
  • Full configurable to suit the processes of your business
  • Built in digital marketing and advanced SEO capabilities ('search engine optimisation')











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