About Go Auction

Go Auction was launched in 2017 to provide auctioneers with the tools they need to effectively manage and promote their businesses. Go Auction have two systems: ‘Go Web’ - a complete website and content management system and ‘Go Office’ - an advanced and fully-featured back-office suite. The systems are cloud-based, meaning you can work from anywhere, anytime; data is kept securely with continuous backup and advanced security features. Because Go Auction uses modern, enterprise-level technology, the systems can integrate with other services such as Mailchimp and Google Analytics, as well as industry listing and bidding platforms including the-saleroom.com and Invaluable.

Both Go Web and Go Office have been designed and built by a team of auction and tech professionals, using Microsoft's enterprise-level tools to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Through our experience and understanding of the auction sector, we’ve built a solution for auctioneers that combines this technology with the tools and features you need in this fast-changing sector. As it's a completely cloud-based system, you don’t have to maintain expensive on-site servers.

Each system can be used independently, however, the power of Go Auction really comes in to its own when both systems are used simultaneously – data flows seamlessly between your website and back office, meaning greater efficiency in your work processes, a superior online client experience, and advanced marketing capabilities that simply cannot be achieved with separate website and back office systems.

You have a choice of two packages depending on your business requirements (Essentials or Premium), plus a range of optional features you can bolt on to suit your business needs. For each system there is a one-off set up cost and an on-going monthly subscription; the monthly subscription covers support and the forwards-development of the Go Auction suite so that your software never becomes out of date - new features and improvements are added regularly. We are currently working with auctioneers ranging from larger established houses to smaller, niche businesses. Whatever your requirements, we’re sure the Go Auction system will give you everything you need - and more.


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