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A feature-rich system that gives you all the tools you need to manage your business. Features include full client management, inventory management, sale-day and post-sale functions, finance functions, AML and GDPR compliance modules, as well as key business reports.



Management information

Real-time business information at your fingertips. Set auction and category sales targets and get sophisticated auction analysis at the click of a button - either as on-screen charts or Excel downloads. See per-auction income information and analyse by category performance.


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End-to-end auction management

Go Auction handles all your auction processes, from initial valuation and invoicing, to cataloging, pre-sale activities, sale-day processes and of course invoicing and post-sale and settlement. Syncing with your website is easy with the Web App or the full Website CMS.  


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Powerful client database

Go's powerful client database gives you access to full client histories. Powerful search, quick client creation, and full activity logs. GDPR and AML tools help you keep on top of the ever-changing legislative requirements, and you can set system-wide alerts against clients when there's important information you need to share with your colleagues. 

If using Go's Web App or Website CMS, clients can create their own accounts online and data flows seamlessly into the back-office system. 


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Simple stock control

Stock control is a breeze with automatic tracking of stock-in and stock-out, digital signature capability on collection notes (for both buyers and sellers) and automated email reminders for collection. There's a full suite of stock reports showing your exact stock position, and stock item locations can be used to more precisely record the location of items.  Functionality can be extended further with optional features such as 'Shipping Lists' to track the movement of items between branches.


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Full finance functionality

Go's finance functionality is the most comprehensive on the market. On the buyer side, it automatically handles the application of live-bidding surcharges seamlessly, whatever the platform. Invoices can be created and emailed in bulk and invoice reminders can be sent in bulk at the click of a button. Statements and the pay-out process is equally efficient with a choice of cheque or BACS payment, and of course, the system can be configured to support bulk-BACS file payments to all the major banks. Full creditor and debtor view, and ARR and CGT reports, complement an already powerful set of accounts reports that give you the data you need at the click of a button. 


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Process automation

The Go system has automated many processes that were previously labour intensive and repetitive making it super-efficient for your team and your clients. Bulk create invoices, statements, do bulk-BACS payments and cheque runs, move stock and update clients in bulk at the click of a button.


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Back-Office FAQs


Read our Back-Office FAQs page for further information and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.