Get the most out of your website with our range of digital marketing services

Your website is a powerful tool for your business if it’s used in the right way – but to maximise its potential you need to undertake digital marketing activities that will drive visitors to your site and encourage them to interact with you online. The Go Auction team can work with you to implement a digital marketing strategy, and keep consistent activity going every month to make sure you get the most from your website. Our experience of digital marketing and our expertise in the auction industry make us the ideal partner to help you drive your business online. Our key digital marketing services are outlined below. 

Blogs/ News Items 

It is vitally important that you keep your website up to date with fresh content – the best way to get new content on to your site is to add regular ‘news’ items (sometimes referred to as ‘blogs’). By adding news items, not only are you giving your customers something to read, but fresh content is also an important signal to search engines that your website is being actively maintained and updated and can help improve your search rankings. We can provide you with professional, targetted content written by our industry expert Roland Arkell. 

SEO ('Search Engine Optimisation')

Optimising your website for certain keywords/phrases that will help your website get found is a critical part of your digital marketing strategy; when search engine optimisation is done correctly it’s one of the most effective methods of attracting new clients to your business. Here's how we'll help:

  • Coming up with the right keywords and identifying the relative search opportunity is the first stage in this process.
  • Once we've identified your keyphrases, we'll produce professionally-written pages (known as ‘landing pages’) for your keywords. 
  • On-going monitoring and review

Google Adwords

Google AdWords are adverts that you pay for and that run on Google search; the ads work by targeting people who search for a particular keywords/phrases – e.g. ‘William Mellor Paintings’. The way AdWords works, is that if someone searches for one of your chosen words/phrases, your advert will be displayed and you will be charged an amount (determined by you in the form of a ‘bid’) when someone clicks on your advert – e.g. clicks through to your website. AdWords works best when you target phrases, rather than single words. Google AdWords can be a very effective strategy for quickly getting you website onto page 1 of Google for certain phrases/search terms. The Go Auction team can develop and manage your Adwords campaigns.

Social Media Management 

It is vital to keep your social media channels (Facebook and Twitter, for example) updated with your core business messages. This should include regular posts that cover the following business areas/activities, e.g: promotion of sales, call for goods etc. This is a minimal strategy to keep social media presence consistent – it can and should be supplemented by additional postings relating to individual items/lots. We can manage and maintain your social media platforms. 

Newsletter Management 

Newsletter or email marketing is one of the best ways to let customers know what’s happening. If you use Mailchimp, your Go Auction website will integrate with Mailchimp to make the process of gathering email addresses very easy. You can also build templates and send campaigns from within Go Auction itself. Its easy to send emails from the Go auction but we can making it even easier by writing and sending your newsletters for you! 

Facebook Adverts 

Facebook offers a number of advertising options to allow you to reach your target audience. The sophisticated audience demographic data held by Facebook allows you to target a very specific type of user – based on age, location, interests etc. Facebook ads can be up and running very quickly, and the budget can be determined by you. As with Google AdWords, although you do not require any special status to set up a Facebook advertising, to really get the best out of the system you need to understand the system and the general principles of digital marketing.

What's the cost?

Every auction house is unique and has different needs and budgets for their digital marketing so we ask to scope out your requirements to allow us to quote. Our basic packages start from £500. To find out more contact us today on 0161 660 9111 or use the form on this page to get in touch.




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