We offer a range of packages to suit the needs of the majority of many houses in the UK and beyond. However, we recognise that if you are operating a particularly large business, or if you have some very specific requirements, these packages might not cover all aspects of what you need from your website partner. We can tailor our service to suit your needs, here are some common areas you may want to consider:

Website styling

The Go Auction system provides a lot of flexibity in how your site looks, however, if you need something tat 


We partner with some top design agencies who will work with us to develop your branding. 

Functionality changes

Go Auction is packed with lots of functionality, but we recognise that larger auctioneers will have functionality requirements that are unique to their business. We can amend the core Go Auction product to accomodate your requirements. 

Back Office Integrations



Live bidding Integrations



Hosting requirements


Support requirements


Service partner

The Go Auction team are able to offer such businesses a bespoke service that will meet your exact requirements. 



If you prefer to talk...

Our people have a thorough understanding of auctions. If you'd rather talk than email, please call us on 0330 111 5988 and we'll be happy to help.