Plans & Pricing

Ready, Steady, Go! Go Auction is available in a choice of plans to suit your sale room. Our Bronze plan is great if you need an affordable solution to get you started, our Silver plan is ideal for sale rooms who want to take things to the next level, and our Gold plan is the right option for larger auction houses who need a totally custom solution that suits their exact needs. Hover over a feature to see more details.

We also offer a range of special features that can be added to our Bronze and Silver plans. 



Go Auction Bronze

Go Auction Silver

Go Auction Gold

   Your own website (mobile and tablet compatible)   Y  Y  Y
   Own your own data  Y  Y  Y
   Standard web hosting inc. up to 20 GB web storage   Y  -  N/A - Custom web hosting
   Premium web hosting inc. up to 40 GB storage  -  Y  N/A - Custom web hosting
   Custom web hosting  -  -  Y
   Backups & Security (inc. ‘SSL certificate’)  Y  Y  Y
   Full 'content management' system  Y  Y  Y
   Easy administration of your website  Y  Y  Y
   Unlimited image slideshows  Y  Y  Y
   Blogs / News pages  Y  Y  Y
   Video content and banners  -  Y  Y
   Enhanced email delivery  Y  Y  Y
   Auction calendar  Y  Y  Y
   Easy to navigate Lot Listings  Y  Y  Y
   Lot Categorisation  Y  Y  Y
   Y  Y  Y
   Lot and image amendments   Y  Y  Y
   Image zoom feature   Y  Y  Y
   Multiple lot images  Y  Y  Y
   Prices Realised  Y  Y  Y
   Sold Lot Archive  N  Y  Y
   Bidder registration with email verification  Y  Y  Y
   Postcode lookup (during bidder registration)  -  -  Y
   Multi-day absentee bidding with bid cut-off time   Y  Y  Y
   Client wishlists  Y  Y  Y
   'My Account' page for your bidders  Y  Y  Y
   Condition reports requests  Y  Y  Y
   Credit Card CVC and Address Verification  -  -  Coming soon
   Secure payment page   -  -   Y
   Back-office integration  -  -  Y
   Dynamic reporting  -  Y  Y
   Administer Bidder registrations & changes  Y  Y  Y
   Administer absentee bids inc. Excel download  Y  Y  Y
   Set minimum bids and bidding increments  Y  Y  Y
   Form Builder  Y  Y  Y
   Automatic email replies  Y  Y  Y
   Staff users  Up to 3  Up to 5  As required
   Mailchimp Integration  -  Y  Y
   Social media sharing  Y  Y  Y
   Online valuation form  Y  Y  Y
   Lot Alerts  -  Y  Y
   Integrated web stats  Y  Y  Y
   Advanced SEO capabilities  Y  Y  Y
   'Highlight' lots  Y  Y  Y
   Remote consultancy & setup  Y  N/A  N/A - Custom consultancy & setup
   Onsite consultancy & setup (1 day)  -  Y  N/A - Custom consultancy & setup
   Custom consultancy & setup  -  -  Y
   Inclusive support & service time  1 hour/month  2 hours/month  Custom support & service
   Partnership days  -  -  Y
   Training – remote or classroom  Y  Y  Custom training delivered
   Training - onsite at your premisis  -  -  Y
   Access to our Knowledge Base & Blogs  Y  Y  Y
 One-off setup cost  £4,000  £5,750 Priced as per your requirements.   
 Monthly fee  £375  £525