Website CMS


Go's Website CMS gives you the freedom to manage your own website and take advantage of the powerful integration features that can be used throughout your entire website. With the Website CMS you have full control to create pages, blogs, slideshows and show lot highlights - all through an easy to use interface.



Manage your own website

Go's Website CMS allows you to manage all aspects of your website. Pages and blogs are quick to create, and you can integrate dynamic auction elements (such as lot highlights and upcoming auctions) into any page on your site. 


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Dynamic lot highlights

Feature lot highlights on relevant pages throughout your site. Simply clicking a button in your back-office system means the appropriate lots can be automatically pulled into pages on your website. Featuring lot highlights helps keep your site looking fresh and keeps your clients informed about the great results you're achieving.


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Quick content creation

Go's unique CMS (Content Management System) gives everyone the capability to create beautiful web pages and blogs in just a few minutes. If you're fed up of the costs and delays when you ask your web agency to build new pages - the Website CMS will be a dream as you can take control of it all.


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Advanced design features

When using Go's full Website CMS many advanced design and layout features will be available to you. Sophisticated slideshows, parallax scrolls, integrated video and customisable contact forms and more are all at your fingertips. 


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Integrated video

There's no better way to give your client's an insight into your business than with video. With our full Website CMS it's easy to integrate videos directly into your web pages so customers can really get to know you.


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Content search

Creating fresh content is vital to let your customers know what's happening. With our Website CMS it's super-easy to do and you can categorise all content so that it can be automatically displayed on relevant pages - sold a Chinese vase for £100,000? Write about it (and show it on your Asian Art department page!)


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